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Benefits to Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

A healthy lawn is a key component to residential landscapes across our country. Beyond the pleasant appearance, a healthy lawn has other great benefits. Read below as we dive deeper into the benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn.

Increases property value and curb appeal

As you may have guessed, one of the largest benefits to a well-maintained lawn is that it creates great curb appeal and therefore increases property value up to fifteen percent. When and if you go to sell your home, curb appeal and increased property value are always a benefit!

Helps reduce noise

A thick lawn helps reduce everyday noises around your property. Say you live near a heavily trafficked road; a thick lawn and various planted trees and shrubs creates a sound barrier between that road and your house. A thick lawn has a muffling effect for noise, whereas bare ground or pavers tend to bounce sounds from their surface.

Improves air quality

Like most living plants, turf absorbs carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen. A normal sized lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of four! Not only does a thick lawn produce oxygen, it also does a great job at trapping dust, smoke, and other pollutants.

Prevents soil erosion

A thick lawn with deep roots is a natural barrier that prevents soil erosion from wind and rain.With the clay-based soil we have in our service area, we recommend core aeration to reduce soil compaction. While alleviating soil compaction, the core aeration will help reduce runoff and promotes deep healthy roots for your turf.

A thick well-maintained lawn also protects the foundation of your home. The lawn captures moisture from the rain that would overtime would compromise a foundation.

Cool place for family and pets

During the hot months in New Jersey, the turf acts as a great recreational surface that is a reprieve from the heat given off by pavement and bricks. A healthy lawn can be 31 degrees cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare soil, making the lawn a perfect recreational surface during the summer heat for family and pets alike.

Calming effect

A well-maintained lawn creates a calming effect for homeowners. So, relax, sit back and enjoy the beautiful property you’ve created.

In conclusion

Whether you enjoy a well-maintained lawn because it is calming to look at, or for a cool space for your family to play in the summer months, the benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn go far beyond its appearance. If you are in our service area and have questions about your lawn, request a free estimate online or give our office a call at 908-281-7888.

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