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Grub Control

Grubs cause substantial and costly damage to lawns in our area every year. Grub damage is permanent and will require seeding to repair areas that have been damaged. Fairway Green Inc. can help protect your lawn from unsightly damage with grub control.

What is a grub?

Ggrub-control_1rubs are the sub-surface larval stage of beetles. There are many types of grubs and beetles found in the North East. One of the most common types of beetles in our area is the Japanese Beetle. You may have even experienced Japanese Beetles feeding on your tree and shrub foliage.  Beginning in June and going into early August, Japanese and other species of beetles will be laying eggs. A nice healthy lawn is a prime target area for beetles to lay their eggs that will eventually hatch into grubs. If you have a lawn with lots of healthy grass, chances are you will have grubs in your lawn at some point.

The Identification of grubs is quite easy. They all have a dirty whitish cream color look to them, a brown head with chewing mandibles, and three pairs of short jointed legs. They are usually found in a C-shaped posture.

How do grubs damage the lawn?

grub-control_2The damage by grubs can be quite extensive. Grubs chew off the roots close to the soil surface severing the plant from the roots. Signs of grub damage include gradual thinning, yellowing, wilting and the appearance of scattered, irregular dead patches. The patches can increase in size and may join together to form larger areas of dead grass.





To locate the grubs, go to the brown (dead areas) and pull at the grass. It will come up like a carpet and you should see the grubs feeding underneath.






Secondary damage can also occur with the help of small animals such as skunks, birds, raccoons and moles. They will dig up the turf to feed on the grubs below.


How does Grub Control work?

grub-control_5To avoid grubs and the damage caused by them, you must prevent grubs before they become a problem. At Fairway Green Inc., we offer a grub control over the summer months. The way it works is simple, we apply a grub control that will be retained in the grass plant that controls the grubs as they begin feeding. It can be applied while the beetles are laying their eggs or slightly earlier and will last in your lawn all summer long.

We also recommend NOT putting out Japanese beetle traps. This will attract more beetles to your lawn and give the beetles even more of an opportunity to lay their eggs. If you have already purchased one or multiple of these bags, it might be best to stop using them as they could do more harm than good. The fewer beetles coming onto your lawn translates to a lower chance of having grubs.

If you had a grub problem in the past, or want to prevent grub damage this year and are located within our service area, please feel free to contact Fairway Green Inc. with any questions or for a free evaluation and estimate for grub control. You can call or request a

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