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Professional Lawn Care Service & Fertilizer Treatments

Our lawn care programs are designed to improve and maintain the health, color and density of your lawn. The treatments performed by our licensed specialists are specific to the needs of your lawn.


This program consists of six applications throughout the year designed to supply your lawn with all of its Nitrogen and Potassium needs. It provides controls for problems that may arise throughout the year such as crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, surface feeding insects, and grubs on a timely basis…



This program is designed as a two-year program, consisting of seven annual applications. It will supply your lawn with everything in the Gold Lawn Program, plus it alternates annually between Lime and Core Aeration.  Choosing the Platinum Lawn Program provides you with a 20% discount on Lime and Core Aeration…


Organic Based

Our Organic Lawn Care Program consists of four organic-based fertilizer treatments, core aeration and a laboratory soil analysis. This program will meet the nutritional needs of the turf, as well as reduce soil compaction and thatch build-up. Please note that no treatments for weeds, insects or diseases are included in this program because effective organic control products are still unavailable. The soil analysis will determine the soil’s pH and nutrient levels. Additional treatments such as lime may be needed based on the results of the soil analysis…


Integrated Pest Management

If your choice for lawn care is a reduced pesticide program, we recommend our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. An IPM program is described as a program designed to improve and maintain the health and beauty of your lawn by using economically sound and environmentally benign control strategies…


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