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Red Thread

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Red Thread, while unsightly, is a very common and harmless fungus. The “threads” , which establish near the leaf tips of grass blades, are mowed off as the turf grows. The fertilizer we provide for the lawn will accelerate this process as long as there is good soil moisture.

However, if optimal weather conditions persist for this fungus, it may continue to spread more rapidly than the grass can grow it off. In this case, it may take several weeks to over a month for complete recovery.

We recognize that while this fungus will not kill the lawn, it can be frustrating for our customers to have to deal with this eye sore for weeks while it takes time to grow out. That is why we offer fungicide treatment. Once a fungicide is applied to the lawn, the disease will not be able to actively spread for 3-4 weeks. This allows the lawn  to grow out the infected leaves more quickly than the disease can spread, and the fungus is gradually cut away with mowing.

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