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Voles are small, mouse-like rodents that remain active day and night year round. There are several types that are native to the area. Voles construct runways at the lawn surface with numerous burrow openings that typically stem from shrub beds or wood lines. In some cases this network of runways can be extensive, covering a significant area of the property.  While these trails can be found at any time of the year, they are most often  discovered as snow begins to melt. Under snow cover, hidden from predators,  voles will venture further into open areas foraging for food. Damage following winters that have had persistent snow cover for long periods tends to be worse.

Once the grass begins actively growing, vole trails become less obvious. Spring fertilization helps speed the lawn’s recovery. However, minor touch up seeding may be necessary to further correct the issue. If seeding is needed, our technicians will leave written  instructions as part of their recommendations on the lawn evaluation.


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